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Free Book - Modern Essentials

How you been considering enrolling as a doTERRA wholesale customer or considering adding income   to your bank account?  From now until the May 31, 2014, as as added incentive to assist you in meeting your heath goals, I am offering…

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*  FREE Modern Essentials 5th edition book with a 125 PV+ Loyalty Rewards (LRP) order by the 15th of the month following your enrollment.

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New 5th Edition, October 2013!
This popular hardcover book is truly one of a kind. Modern Essentials: A Contemporary Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils is perfect for anyone looking to know more about essential oils and how they can be used in everyday life. Whether you are a beginner or a long-time essential oil user, this book is designed for you.
Features of the new edition of this contemporary guide include the following:
  New products introduced at the 2013 doTERRA convention.
  Stunning new design with enhanced Single Oil and Oil Blends sections featuring a new "Quick Facts" box to make it simple to discover the basics about any oil.
  A new section on emotions and essential oils.
  New research on even more amazing benefits of essential oils and their constituents.
  Updated with new essential oil-inspired products and information.
  The old dilution chart has been added back to the book due to popular demand.
  QR codes and URLs pointing to exclusive online video content with information on what essential oils are and great tips on how they can be used and applied. These videos are especially great for new oil users who may be uncertain how they can safely use essential oils to benefit their own and their family's health.
  Easy-to-understand definitions for each medical condition listed in the Personal Usage Guide section.
  Footnoted references to hundreds of documented research studies.
  Listings of all of the essential oils and essential oil blends with their chemical constituents, historical uses, application suggestions, safety data, and much more.
  Essential oil solutions for helping with everything from common disorders such as acne to more serious illnesses such as diabetes.
  An introduction to essential oils, including their benefits and historical background.
  Reflexology charts.
  Illustrated instructions explaining how to perform the Aroma Touch™ Technique.
Fifth Edition, October 2013.
Size: 320 pages, 11¼" x 8½" x ½"

This book was written and published by AromaTools.

The Science and Application of Essential Oils
An Introduction to Essential Oils
A Brief History of Essential Oils
Essential Oil Constituents
Topical Application
Auricular Internal Body Points
Reflexology Hand and Foot Charts
Aroma Touch™ Technique
Autonomic Nervous System
Aromatic Application
Nose and Olfactory System
The Art of Blending
Internal Application
Daily Tips for an Essential Lifestyle
Single Essential Oils
Essential Oil Blends
Essential Oil Inspired Wellness Supplements
Essential Living and Spa Products
Personal Usage Guide
Notes and Explanations
Dilution Chart
Personal Usage Guide
Appendix and References
Body Systems Chart
Single Essential Oils Property Chart
Taxonomical Information
Research References
Quick Usage Chart

Friday, April 11, 2014



I use it in my DIY toothpaste but thanks to a dear friend I learned that it is good for Candida overgrowth.  How timely!

Monday, April 7, 2014

April 2104 Promotions

April Promotions:

Save 10% on DigestZen Blend 15 ml bottle.

Free Product of the month: 15 ml bottle of Lime (retail: $17.33)

Quarterly Promotion has been extended to April 15, 2014!!! 
Find deep relief when you earn a FREE Deep Blue Rub and a FREE 5mL Deep Blue Soothing Blend by placing ANY single 200PV order April 1-April 15, 2014.

Vanderbilt ER uses doTERRA

Vanderbilt ER uses doTERRA Certified PureTheraputic Grade essential oils to reduce the stress in staff and patients. 

... "The results are dramatic. According to their survey of more than one hundred ER staff members, before the oils 41% said they were stressed out at work. After the oils only 3% were stressed. Prior to aroma therapy 60% of ER staff members were frustrated at work. After a little oil 6%  felt frustrated.

… "84% of the nurses and doctors inside Vanderbilt's emergency room strongly agree that the oils contribute to more positive work environment." 

I am so glad I represent a company that has positive effects on people's physical and emotional health.  If you'd like to learn how you can implement difussing doTERRA essential oils in your home or workplace, send me a personal message.

Must read articles!!  

Nashville, Tennessee – It’s one of the most stressful jobs on the planet. But, tonight the doctors and nurses at Vanderbilt’s emergency room are feeling calmer.
As Fox 17′s John Dunn Reports, “They are improving the mood and the smell at the same time.”
There is no denying hospitals have a certain odor.
“It makes you feel bad. It makes you feel sad. It brings back bad memories.”
“It’s kind of got a death smell to it, I guess. I’d say a funeral home.”
But inside Vanderbilt’s emergency room, “People say it smells like dream icicles, I’ve heard margaritas.”
The hospital smell has disappeared.
“This diffuser right now is diffusing lime.”
Scattered around are several essential oil diffusers, dispensing a therapeutic scent throughout the ER.
“It is very pleasant, fresh, and clean.”
The ER’s wellness committee decided to test the oils to not only improve the smell but also the work place.
“We wanted that would help decrees stress and help increase energy.”
The results are dramatic. According to their survey of more than one hundred ER staff members, before the oils 41% said they were stressed out at work. After the oils only 3% were stressed. Prior to aroma therapy 60% of ER staff members were frustrated at work. After a little oil 6%  felt frustrated.

“The results were phenomenal just the before and after.”
At first there were plenty of skeptics not believing a drop here and drop there could really make a difference.
“Some people, I included thought it was, like, voodoo medicine, like, it’s never going to work.”
Now, nurses like Anna are using them at home.
“And it really is amazing.”
Vanderbilt’s ER may be the only one in the country diffusing essential oils. And supporters say if it’s working for staff, it could also help patients.
“Not make it as a medical treatment but a complimentary therapy for patients.”
There are many people who will tell you what a hospital is supposed to smell like.
“‘It’s not pine sole but it’s a smell.”
In Vanderbilt’s Emergency Room its Wild Orange, Lime, Lemon, and Citrus Bliss.
“I love anything we do for our staff to make them better. Because the better that we make our staff the better that our patients are going to be,” A change that definitely passes the smell test. John Dunn Fox 17 News
And, get this 84% of the nurses and doctors strongly agree inside Vanderbilt’s emergency room strongly agree that the oils contribute to a more positive work environment. The wellness committee plans to publish their results highlighting their success.
So, if you’re wondering how those essential oils work, when the oils are diffused into the air the aromatic molecules are inhaled. They interact with the body’s own factory nerves and the limbic system. The limbic system is directly connected the parts of the brain that control heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, memory, stress levels, and other emotions. Scents have a powerful effect much like the smell of freshly baked cookies reminding someone of their grandmother."